Our Services

We have extensive experience in mergers, acquisitions and broad corporate finance services:

We advise both large corporations and middle market companies on their corporate strategy entailing the purchase, sale or merger of their businesses. We guide clients through our extremely thorough process and execute both buy-side and sell-side transactions that accomplish your strategic and financial objectives.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures

Buyer Representation

Johan Hekelaar assists buyers in developing realistic and achievable acquisition criteria that enable clients execute their corporate growth acquisition strategy within their financial and cultural parameters. Our industry knowledge and expertise enables us to identify suitable acquisition candidates efficiently and effectively, saving clients time and resources. We make the initial contact with the target, provide valuation guidelines and comparisons, perform due diligence, advise on the overall deal structure, lead negotiations and coordinate the closing of the transaction. Our Firm's M&A process and resources allow buyers to grow shareholder value through acquisitions while staying focused on sustaining organic growth from operations.

Seller Representation

The sale of a middle market company is a major event and opportunity for business owners. We assist company executives in evaluating, building and positioning their companies so they can sell at the most favorable time to achieve maximum shareholder value and liquidity. We define options and strategies for executives allowing them to exit strategically on their terms. Our reputation, contacts and industry relationships allow us to quickly and discreetly access key decision-makers with qualified buyers. We are attuned to the dynamics and market conditions of our clients' industries, as well as the financial characteristics, acquisition criteria and strategic interests of a wide range of both financial and strategic acquirers. As transaction specialists, we are highly skilled in negotiating the best possible terms including price, payment structure and other protective covenants. Our Firm puts our experience, expertise and industry knowledge to work to bring you the highest value for your business.

Other Financial Advisory Services

We combine industry knowledge, transaction expertise, insightful strategic planning and strong analytical skills to provide a comprehensive offering of other financial advisory services including:

At Johan Hekelaar, we have the experience and expertise to serve as your advisor in developing and executing all aspects of you corporate strategies and objectives with minimum interruption to the daily management of your business. We will work with you as your strategic advisor over the long-term, assisting you to gain a competitive edge, achieve growth and increase shareholder value by providing you with penetrating analysis, discerning advice and exceptional transaction execution for all you corporate initiatives.